Auto Industry set to be taken off Life Support

With the wildly popular Cash for Clunkers program coming to an end, what will happen next for the automakers? Dealer incentives. combined with the clunker rebates, drew in loads of fence sitters, but the outlook going forward is not pretty. Dealers will likely have to increase incentives for an extended period of time, as they […]

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Topic: Agency Theory

Agency Theory describes the common problem of aligning interests of Principals and Agents.  Principals are typically represented as the the ownership of a firm (shareholders, partners, proprietors) and Agents are the providers of effort in a firm and can represent everything from a CEO down to the lowest level employee.  The factor which determines who […]

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In the immortal words of John Belushi in Animal House, “Why Not”?

Kidding aside, I created this blog as a space to keep my notes on the subject of business strategy.  If someone should happen to stumble upon this and find something of value, all the better…